Accreditation prep

CARF maintains rigorous standards, yet is collaborative with its clients in the accreditation process, as is PowderHorn Consulting when you decide to work with us. Our role is to create, alongside our customers, the necessary documents to provide precise accreditation readiness, regarding effectiveness of service, efficiency, health and safety, and accessibility. With a goal to improve services to clients, we conduct a thorough evaluation of what you have, and what you need, in current policies and procedures, including:

  • Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Quality Assurance Plan
  • Corporate Compliance Program
  • Risk Management/Strategic Planning Model
  • Accessibility
  • Information Technology
  • Health and Safety Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Customized Assessment and Survey Instruments
  • Customized Consumer Handbooks.

The multiple plans and the included areas that CARF requires can be overwhelming, so PowderHorn consultants’ experience will direct your facility to focus on readiness and a positive experience.

We believe that preparation for an accreditation survey should begin at least 9-12 months before the CARF visit. A service provider wants to make a positive impression on CARF immediately and our consultants are familiar with the expectations surrounding CARF accreditation standards. We offer accreditation preparation services, onsite visits, documentation and policy review and an understanding of CARF consulting to prepare you for your initial survey.


 Behavioral Health

While the term “behavioral health” covers a broad range of mental, health and biological issues, PowderHorn Consulting serves many types of providers, from inpatient mental health and addiction facilities to intensive, outpatient family-based services. CARF accreditation represents leadership in adhering to high-level behavioral health standards.

CARF includes in its accreditation programs employment and community service, to comprise work with the Veteran’s Administration and the Rapid Rehousing and Homelessness Prevention Program (RRHP) and supported services for veteran’s families.

Child and Youth Services

CARF offers comprehensive accreditation of child and youth services, and PowderHorn Consulting’s experience will benefit the provider seeking accreditation. In addition, the National Organization of State Association for Children and the Child Welfare League of America join CARF in establishing standards of care for Children and Youth accreditation, by serving on CARF’s International Advisory Council (IAC). The IAC represents the spectrum of CARF’s accreditation services, including persons served, providers, professionals, governmental agencies and purchasers in the health and human services field.

 Mock Surveys

Mock surveys, on-site review and technical assistance are the most efficient ways to prepare for any CARF survey. A comprehensive baseline Organizational Assessment by PowderHorn Consulting evaluates your organization’s current level of compliance with the specific CARF standards that are applicable to the organization. A service provider’s specific scope of service, client population, and setting will dictate the assessment that we customize for you. This baseline assessment provides the foundation for developing a Customized Survey Preparation Plan for CARF survey readiness.
An organization will benefit from a Mock Survey at various phases:

  • Upon initial application for CARF accreditation.
  • After the organization undertakes a review of policies, procedures and documentation to conform to CARF standards and has begun implementation, prior to the survey.
  • When adding a new program under a currently accredited organization.
  • For organizations that have received a one-year accreditation, and are preparing for an accreditation renewal survey visit.

The consultants conduct a survey similar to the actual process, assisting the organization in familiarization of the accreditation survey process to obtain the best outcome.

Accreditation AfterCare

When better quality care, more efficiency and effectiveness are achieved through your first CARF accreditation, it is worthwhile to enlist the assistance of PowderHorn Consulting for accreditation aftercare. Your facility center is now expected to have demonstrated conformance to the policies and procedures for the past three years. Below are a few of the CARF expectations:

  • Semi-annual satisfaction surveys for clients, employees and stakeholders.
  • Quarterly quality record review.
  • Analysis of a myriad of CARF-required plans.
  • Creation of an annual performance analysis.
  • The CARF-required Annual Conformance to Quality Report (ACQR).
  • A regular risk assessment and risk management plan.
  • Semiannual, unannounced emergency and evacuation drills of six types by site and shift.
  • And other maintenance issues as described in the CARF standards manual.

PowderHorn Consulting is poised to collaborate with you and your staff to conform to the ever-changing CARF standards and provide services within the “Scope of Work” for another 3-year CARF accreditation.